"I like that you get the seed in the picture!" - Tracy M.

Blue Rivers Trading Co.

  Blue Rivers Trading Company is an Ozarks based microbusiness. BRT helps support members of the surrounding community. Blue Rivers Trading offers wholesale cannabis of a few chosen varieties available for purchase from next level microbusinesses in the immediate and surrounding communities. At BRT we plant and grow the seeds of success to maturity! BRT promotes environmentally friendly operations and practices. Blue Rivers Trading is waiting to be approved in August for its microbusiness license at which time BRT can fully promote its cannabis line. Until then enjoy the opportunity to purchase some novelty cannabis seeds courtesy of BRT Seeds! Thank you all and prosper well!


BRT Seeds

   Purveyors of choice hemp and cannabis seeds to promote health and happiness among the people! BRT is a brand new company with access to "old world" genetics. Grow with us as we add new and exciting seeds! The strains are among the best! BRT uses "selective breeding" from environmentally friendly growers. Our catalog is just being founded! Follow along for some of the best seeds available on todays market! Your seeds will be hand selected and shipped with information about harvest dates. Only the best seeds will make the cut! BRT offers email support and wishes you all the best of success!